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It doesn’t matter what else I do as your Councilwoman: If I’m not providing excellent constituent services to CD 5’s residents and businesses, I’m not doing my job.

Even though the neighborhoods of Council District 5 are somewhat distant from City Hall, it shouldn’t feel like local government is inaccessible. And the way we connect folks to local government is by providing excellent constituent services. When you call my office with a question or a concern, someone from my team will solve the problem. And if the solution is outside the purview of City government, my team will work with the appropriate agency or elected officials to solve the problem. No finger-pointing. No unreturned calls. Only exceptional, responsive service.

What do excellent constituent services look like?

First, enough experienced, knowledgeable staff people to handle the workload. Second, at least two field offices spread throughout the district, so that my team can quickly and nimbly respond to neighborhood concerns and develop meaningful relationships with the communities of CD 5. An ethos of service and accountability starts at the top, and this is a priority for me: growing up, my mom, Laura Plotkin, ran constituent services for then-State Assemblymember and State Senator Sheila Kuehl. I saw how much folks appreciated her team’s responsiveness and ability to problem solve using the tools of government.

Excellent constituent services are about more than just problem solving, though. It’s also about proactive community building and creating new programs and partnerships with the communities of Council District 5 – becoming part of the fabric of our neighborhoods and earning your trust as allies and partners.

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