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Why I’m Running

Katy Why I'm Running
I am an experienced policymaker and coalition builder, climate attorney, and a mom to three young children. My husband, Dave, and I live in the South Carthay neighborhood of LA with our kids and cats.

Homelessness and a lack of affordable housing have worsened into full-blown crises. Climate change threatens the long-term viability of our region – not to mention our planet. Systemic racism exacerbates inequalities across all our institutions. At the same time, the City of Los Angeles is facing a punishing, historic budget deficit, and the ongoing pandemic and associated economic recession highlight many of these failures, making decisive and experienced leadership all the more necessary.

We must emerge from our twin economic and public health crises with:

  • A local economy that works for everyone
  • A city government that is ethical, transparent, and responsive to our district’s needs
  • Policies that foster equity and tackle the racial and economic disparities that plague our society
  • A commitment to address the homelessness and affordable housing crises
  • A more climate-resilient and sustainable LA

This last year has thrown into sharp focus how high the stakes are, and how central a role local government plays in the quality of our day-to-day lives. Not just on the neighborhood level, but citywide as well. For Los Angeles to continue as one of the great cities of the world, the City Council needs to be leading on big systemic issues and providing workable solutions.

I believe I’m well-suited to hit the ground running on behalf of all Angelenos: After spending a decade in the private sector as a climate attorney and general counsel at a local nonprofit, I’ve worked these last five years as LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s Senior Policy Director for the Environment and the Arts. Creating policies and programs on behalf of LA County’s ten million residents, I led major initiatives that have had – and will continue to have – enormously positive impacts for Angelenos. With a demonstrated commitment to making progress, I have the tools, experience, and backbone to hit the ground running. Together, we can make Los Angeles more sustainable and just.

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